Parent Organization: Academic


The mission of this society shall be to support and promote interest in the accounting profession.


A part of the mission of the Accounting Society is to educate those with an interest in accounting. This is accomplished through the following activities or events.

  • General Meeting Speakers: Bi-weekly, general membership meetings are held featuring speakers that come and talk about their place of business, their position within it, and their personal experiences involving their day-to-day activities on the job. Students hear in detail what is expected of employees in various accounting professions.
  • Technical Meetings: Four meetings will be held throughout the semester featuring speakers presenting on various topics that will assist business majors with the transition from college to the workforce.
  • VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance: The 30th Annual Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program is co-sponsored by the Accounting Society with the Internal Revenue Service. Volunteers must complete training on federal and NYS tax return preparation in order to help the elderly and low-income residents of Dunkirk and Fredonia file their federal and state income tax returns during "tax season."
  • Business Etiquette Dinner: The 20th Annual Business Etiquette Dinner teaches attendees the appropriate behavior required of professionals while doing business in a social setting. Topics covered include appropriate behavior and discussion topics at cocktail hour, dinner, and other social engagements. Each year, "Mr. Manners" talks to students regarding multi-cultural differences, fashion, wine selection, and lunch interviews.
  • Educational Field Trips: In the 2008-2009 academic year, students traveled on the 19th Annual Educational Field Trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame and Museum in Toronto. They also traveled to the Federal Reserve Bank in Cleveland, OH with a side trip to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, a trip that was repeated again in the Fall of 2010. In past trips, the group has traveled to the Toronto Stock Exchange, and the New York Stock Exchange to see a working stock exchange first-hand.

Membership Requirements

Meeting Attendance: Anyone who attends more than one-half of the general meetings for a semester is automatically considered an Accounting Society member.

VITA Volunteer: Any volunteer is automatically considered an Accounting Society member.

Leadership Position: Anyone who takes on a leadership role by coordinating an Accounting Society event (VITA, Etiquette Dinner, Trips, etc.) or by serving as an officer or chair is automatically considered an Accounting Society member.

 Note: Of course, the latter options look better on your resume!

Contact Email
Address W311 Thompson Hall
Fredonia, NY 14063
Phone Number P:(716) 673-4601